Kirstin Kelley

Kirstin Kelley

Copyeditor, journalist, researcher.

I specialize in terrorism, feminism, politics, economy, and social justice. I offer transcription, copyediting, copywriting, writing, and developmental editing services to journalists and companies.

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Sleep School Frontpage - Sleep SchoolSleep School

Sleep School Frontpage - Sleep SchoolSleep School

Revelations from the Graveyard Shift

Jay Haas works the graveyard shift at a job you might not think of as shift work. He is a “production specialist” at Microchip, an Arizona-based microchip manufacturing company.

How Uber is Stealing One Man’s Sleep

Shift workers notoriously struggle with #sleep disturbance, and driving a taxi is one of those jobs that often includes working all through the night.

Sleepless in the Skies

Finding a good balance between enjoying the opportunities her job provides and taking care of her body physically, especially getting regular quality sleep, takes real effort.

Your Nurse Could Be More Exhausted Than You Think

The negative impacts night shifts have on a worker’s body are serious.